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History of the Rotaract Club of St Kitts

On July 1st 1986, a new star rose on the horizon of community service in St. Kitts.  This was the vision of Rotarian Charles Wilkin (President 1986/87) and William Dore, of the Rotary Club of St. Kitts.  This organization provides young men and women (age 18-30) an opportunity to “give back” to the community in a framework of fellowship, while enhancing their leadership skills and promoting international understanding.

Over the years, many members have passed through Rotaract, most making major strides within their own spheres.  It would not be surprising if many of them attributed their successes-at least partly- to the professional grooming that the Club affords.  However, these would be quick to point out that “the best they got from Rotaract is what they had to give.”  And indeed, unselfish service was not just a hallmark of this organization, but characterized the fortunate young men and women who passed through its ranks.  These individuals gave freely of their time, efforts and talents to improve our community, socially and physically, and they derived satisfaction solely by being able to serve.

The club has also taken on many Community and Humanitarian projects since its inception, these includes the following:

  • Placement of dustbins around Basseterre.
  • Placement and maintenance of historical signs along the island main road.
  • Donation of medical equipment to clinics and JN France General Hospital.
  • Planting of trees in Independence Square.
  • Establishing and hosting Annual Carnival Prince and Princess Show.
  • Organizing and hosting the Heritage Treasure Hunt.
  • Sponsorship of books and exam scholarships in the high schools
  • Production of an Environmental Booklet.
  • Donation of household appliance to Harris Home for Boys.
  • Annual Christmas Party and gift exchange for the Children’s Home.
  • Monetary donations for the Ian Richards Fund and for a kidney transplant for a child.

Rotaract recognizes that it must continue to play this role as a community benefactor, especially in these times when materialism and greed pervades society, and “me first” and personal gain shape our attitudes.  We look forward to the day when “civic-mindedness” will be the attitude and helping others will be “The Thing!”  Until then, the Rotaract Club of St. Kitts will continue to play a leading part in educating others of the need for unselfish service and setting a positive example for others to follow.

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